Key information

Positions: 30

Price: 21,23 €/credit for students of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), Morocco and Latin America

(Other non-resident foreign students 37,40 €/credit)

Mode: on-site class

Languages: Spanish and English 

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International Graduate Centre


International Graduate Centre

The International Graduate Centre of the University of Oviedo is the backbone of our university's postgraduate training. This structure is one of the main axes of the Campus of International Excellence and coordinates the entire offer of university masters, doctorate programs and continuate training.

Admission requirements

Candidates should have analysis capacity and abstract comprehension, numeracy and deductive ability, work preciseness, and good training in the field of science and technology.

The admission to the master's degree is open to any person who has an official bachelor's degree from an Spanish university or a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as long as the degree gets access to a master's degree in the issuing country.

Direct admission without training sumplements:

  - Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with at least 240 ECTS

Conditional enrollment before the end of the degree:

In accordance with the provisions of art. 18.4. of RD 822/2021, those students who remain to pass the TFG and a maximum of up to nine ECTS credits may request conditional enrollment. For the purposes of calculating these nine credits, the credits pending recognition at the time of pre-registration will be computed. Students who make conditional enrollment will be governed by the same rules as the rest of the students enrolled in the university master's degree. However, they will not be able to obtain the university master's degree if they have not previously obtained the Bachelor's degree that has allowed them access to studies. The conditioned enrollment for university master's degree studies entails that the student enrolls the TFG and the subjects that remain to complete the degree studies.

Admission with other Bachelor's degrees:

The Master's Faculty will study each particular case to establish appropriate training supplements, according to the degree's acreditation document.

All students must demonstrate a level of knowledge of the English language equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, because some of the teaching will be done in English and this language is essential for the professional exercise and the handing of the basic information sources in this field. 

Admission criteria

The Master's Academic Committee will be in charge of student selection. In addition to the aforementioned access requirements, the Master's Academic Committee will value and select students according to the following criteria:

  • Academic record

  • Professional and research experience

  • Capacity of analysis and communication, attitude and motivation to attend the master's degree, evaluated through personal interview

It is understood that the basic criterion of selection must be the academic (adequacy of the academic record to the Master's program and performance), given that, on the one hand, it is an objective criterion, and on the other, it is the one that best guarantees that the students have the adequate knowledge and skills to take the Master's studies with success. However, in the event that it is necessary to select students among those who meet the academic requirements, personal interviews with the applicants mentioned above will be used to assess aspects such as personal maturity, motivation, initiative or individual work capacity and in team.

In addition to these criteria, the Master's Academic Commission may take into account other more specific ones, which will be duly published and of which the students will be informed. For the students with specific needs related to disabilities, the Academic Commission of the Master will propose the appropriate support and counselling services in an individual base, and evaluate, if necessary, the curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative studies.

Registration deadline

General deadline of pre-registration in Master's degree for all students.

Foreign students

Students with a foreign Bachelor's degree (from outside the European Higher Education Area, EHEA) homologated or not in Spain, may also take this Master's degree, provided that the level of education is equivalent to that of the EHEA and, in the issuing country, provides access to the Master's level.

Consult the section of Scholarships for more information about the main financial aid for Master studies.

Students with special needs

The University ONEO office provides help and support to students with specific needs to facilitate their access, inclusion and participation in the academic, cultural, sportive and social aspects of the University life. The professional attention provided by ONEO to each student is personalized and confidential, and adjusted to the needs of each case. Thus, the office staff will identify the demands of the students and give them psychological and pedagogical advice. It will also provide them all available information on scholarship programs and specific resources existing at the University of Oviedo. 


There is an important number of scholarships and financial aid for the study of a master, internships and also to promote international mobility. For example, with respect to the possibilities of international mobility of the Master, a student can take the first year of the master's degree at the University of Oviedo and, during the second year, carry out the Internship and the Master Project abroad, in the framework of an Erasmus agreement or a mobility grant for internships.

The main economic aids and sources of financing are detailed below.

Scholarships for Master studies:

Ministerio de Educación

Fundación Carolina 

Bank of Santander scholarships

La Caixa Foundation scholarships


Scholarships for internships:

Erasmus Internships in European companies

The University of Oviedo Foundation (FUO)

Argo scholarships

Faro scholarships


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