Faculty of Chemistry   -   University of Oviedo


The Master in Chemical Engineering by the University of Oviedo is an official Master’s degree linked to the Chemical Engineer profession, as established in the Resolution of June 8th from Secretaría General de Universidades (BOE 2009-12977). Therefore, the master has been designed as an extension and specialization of the Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, according to internationally consolidated models and standards. Also, due to its status as an official Master's degree, it allows access to Doctoral studies. It is registered in the Register of Universities, Centres and Titles (RUCT) with code 4312886

Chemical Engineers are able to formulate and solve complex problems of the chemical engineering processes and related industrial sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, materials, energetic, food and environmental ones. Chemical Engineers are capable of solving open-ended problems, often in a multidisciplinary context and based on limited and possibly contradictory information.




Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Oviedo is located on the campus of "El Cristo" in the city of Oviedo, which is well connected with other cities in the central area of Asturias. The Faculty of Chemistry enjoys a recognized national and international prestige, both from the point of view of teaching and research, and has numerous agreements with companies, institutions and national and international research centers.


The main objective of the master's degree is to provide graduates in Chemical Engineering with advanced competences within the Chemical Engineer profession. The following competencies stand out:  

  • Conceive, design and optimize processes, equipment, facilities and services using safety, quality, economy and environmental sustainability criteria.

  • Supervise and manage teams and all kinds of facilities, processes, systems and services related to the different industrial areas of chemical engineering in both, national and international context.

  • Research, analyse and develop engineering solutions, integrating multidisciplinary knowledge and new technologies.

This Master is developed through a methodology that integrates theoretical and practical training (experimental and computing laboratories with internships in industries). It is bilingual (courses and seminars are taught both in Spanish and English) and in close cooperation with Industries and Research Centers (teaching provided by external professionals and the possibility of carrying out the Master project in industry).  





The city of Oviedo, placed in the northwest of Spain, is the capital of Principado de Asturias region. The city, with a population of 221 870, is the comercial, university and administrative centre of the region. According to the European Comission, Oviedo is considered one of the cities with a higher quality of life in Europe.